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The TOM Strap is the result of not finding a well made classic guitar strap used by such artists as The Beatles during the early to mid 1960s. Sure, there are straps available that look similar to those classic straps but they're made with poor quality materials.


The TOM Strap is hand made from full grain vegetable dyed

8-9 ounce leather. The hardware is nickel plated and well crafted. The shoulder pad has medical grade 1/4" foam inserted before being hand-stitched with contrasting Ritza Polyester Tiger Thread. Finally the pad is backed with ultra premium grade genuine Italian lambskin leather for the ultimate in long lasting comfort.


I take great pride in producing a quality strap that will last years. Because the shoulder pads are cut from various sections of real

8-9 ounce cowhide, every TOM Strap is individual and unique while still keeping the quality and design consistent. Remember, being HANDMADE, your strap will be the only one exactly like it.


My aim is to provide a quality product and customer satisfaction. I will do my best to meet the needs of my customers. Please CONTACT me for any issues regarding your TOM Strap.

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